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FAQ on The WordPress Hosting

Frequently Asked Questions on the Wordpress Hosting

Any beginner in WordPress is facing basic problems during the creation of a web site and it requires to be attended by professionals. However we try to answer some frequently asked questions about hosting WordPress.

Do I need a place to start a WordPress Web site?

If you want to create a WordPress site, then you must have a web hosting to store your files in your web site in a web server. Each Web site that you see online using a web hosting provider. This article that you are reading now is stored on a server. So you must also order a web hosting that meets your needs.

Is there a compatible with WordPress free hosting?

There is no doubt, but we strongly recommend you don’t even think about not unless it is for reasons of learning and you are struggling to pay for a hosting. In most cases, free hosts put ads on your site and which seems to be more serious they can even distribute spam for your users and then it should reassure you that often, your web site will present a errors. Finally and most importantly, free hosts can close your Web site at any time without any notification by e-mail. We strongly recommend to avoid any person who proposes to give you free hosting of WordPress, especially if your web site has value for your users. To learning needs, I suggest you to use free hosting on,

How much can cost creating a WordPress site?

The cost of building a WordPress Web site may vary according to your needs depending on the type of siteweb(vitrine, e-commerce, blog,…). It can range from $100 to as high as $ 30,000.
Can I have my domain name and hosting WordPress from the same provider?

Of course you can buy your domain name from a provider like Namecheap and use a hosting provider Goddady WordPress. It’s easier to use the same provider to pay both the hosting and domain name (especially if it’s free).

Do I need a cPanel host my web site?

cPanel is a control panel that many hosts companies use for the management of the accommodation including the files stored on the server, accounts, sub name areas, etc.

To answer the question, let me tell you that you need the cPanel, but is not necessary for everyone. Often it is your hosting provider that manages the cPanel of your website to protect you from problems that may provide you lack of knowledge in the management of the cPanel. On the other hand if you have the control of the management of accommodation, then you are in the right to manage you even what belongs to you. The usefulness of the cPanel is when we’re on the point either to install WordPress in a local server (AC can also be done with FileZilla), or create a database, etc. cPanel makes things easier in terms of installation, management of accounts of e-mail, etc…

Can I use a wordpress for an e-commerce website hosting?

Yes, you absolutely can. All the best hosting companies WordPress offer SSL certificates that are needed to run a secure e-commerce site. The cloudflare site offers a free SSL certificate for your website.
How to secure my WordPress hosting account?

Your web hosting account where your website files are stored should be protected against possible attacks. The best way to secure your hosting account is to use a password and avoid to connect to public places. We also recommend you to consult these links below to enhance the security of your WordPress site

  • How to change the URL of your WordPress Admin Login Page

How to install WordPress on my hosting account?

Each WordPress hosting provider that we recommend on this link below provides a link 1-click WordPress install that allows you to install wordpress in one click. You can follow our step by step guide on how to install WordPress on your host computer.

  • How to choose a best hosting WordPress

What amount of traffic can manage hosts?

Hosting companies manage billions of impressions per month. The amount of trafic(nombre deles de visites) of your Web site is really depends on the WordPress hosting plan you paid.

Is it possible to change my WordPress hosting provider later ?

Yes it is possible, you can absolutely move your site from one host to another if the latter offers an affordable price of accommodation or other reasons. Most of the WordPress hosting companies provide free migration, which makes the process quite easy. However if you want to perform the migration yourself, you can follow this step by step guide on how to move WordPress to a new host without interruption.

The location of the data center (data center) of my hosting account WordPress does matter?

Some of the WordPress hosting companies give you an option to choose your data center. The location of your data center makes a difference on the performance of your Web site for location specific. If the majority of your audience is in the United States, then you must choose a data center at the United States. If a large part of your audience is in Europe, so you must choose a data center in Europe. If you are not sure, simply select U.S. for now. You can still use a WordPress CDN to speed up your site for various geographic location.

I hope that these questions and answers have been able to guide you in the process of hosting wordpress. Do not hesitate to recommend your experience on wordpress hosting in the comments. If you notice that we did not specify some information, please let us know in the comments. Thank you


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